Ramatuelle August 1st 2021

You don’t need to go back very far to realize that individual privacy is at stake

With the Apple M1 Chip, the Nodle Cash App can now run on your Mac

The Nodle Network — Source: Nodle ©

Leveraging The Power of Decentralized Networks to Build a Better Future

Fall of the Roman Empire in painting: Thomas Cole, The Course of Empire, The Consummation of Empire, 1835–36, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA.

We are losing our model of the free world, time to wake up and get back to work!

Source: https://ilovetheuniverse.com/nasa-was-asked-to-return-astronauts-to-the-moon-in-the-next-5-years

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains might be the only technologies since the creation of the internet that are pushing us towards a Global Citizenship

Image credit: Qualcomm | 5G mmWave Smartphone Antenna

A Solution to Scale and Monetize the 5G Networking Stack

Unlocking the deployment of 5G base stations

The Exposure Notification is just the tip of the iceberg…

What is the purpose of an exposure notification for COVID-19 risk?

How does exposure notification work?

The Earthrise image | (Image: © NASA)

How technologies are empowering global citizens to take action for the benefit of humanity

South Korea’s Hospital Phone Booth

How Proof of Connectivity can enable the deployment of internet services and internet access everywhere

Apple iDroid X

A radical shift and need for innovation and software platform dominance

History repeats itself

  1. Fork Android and make the Apple store available on Android to increase it s reach in markets where it doesn’t have presence
  2. Move faster and advance their AR…

Micha Anthenor Benoliel

Entrepreneur, I bring the world together through crowdsourced mobile connectivity @nodlenetwork @nodlecash @coalition_app @firechatapp @opengarden

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